Similar to the motorcycle boots offered at Vanguard Boots, the riding boots made out of thick leather material, were invented in the 10th century, and were generally worn by horseback riders, as the long length prevented the lower legs of the rider from getting pinched by the leather used on the horse saddle. Although, they also had a sturdy material around the toes to protect the foot while on the ground, along with a distinct heel which was sued to prevent the sliding of foot from the stirrup.

The harness boots were originally made on the model of the square toed shoes that became widespread in the 19th century, and the design was also incorporated in the production of boots that were worn as a part of their uniform by the American military troops during the Civil War in the 1860s.

Later in the 1960s, rings and leather straps were integrated into the harness boots to give them a sense of style, which resulted in the creation of a modern version of the boots that later rapidly turned into classic statement pieces.

Difference Between Regular And Motorcycle Boots:

There is a vary major difference between regular working boots and motorcycle boots available at Vanguard Boots, is that the road boots has slightly less amount of protective material at the starting edge of the boots so that it could easily be placed under the shifter. The Vanguard motorcycle boots also provide extra protection at the side of ankle along with the front top of the motorcycle boot, to prevent friction from the asphalt road or possibility of an ankle sprain in case of any unfortunate incident.

These boots are often slightly taller than other boots, and has additional amount of leather material in the shifter area.

Reason For Wearing Vanguard Boots:

While riding a motorbike, the person feels continuous vibrations from the bike, and bumps on the road along with other collisions. Therefore, the individual must be wearing the type of footwear that could help in minimizing of shock on the feet. Generally, motorcycle boots are worn by riders before driving their bike to prevent any abrasions on lower legs, ankles and feet as long duration of driving could hurt these areas. The heavy leather footwear is used as the motorcycle boots helps in absorbing of shock, resulting in prevention of possible soft tissue injury.

Investment In Motorcycle Boots:

Yes, as the motorcycle shoes are worth every penny. People should not be riding on motorcycles while wearing regular shoes, and at least should upgrade your shoes to motorcycle boots. While riding a motorbike, with Vanguard boots, they would be able to provide an additional bit of protection, with comforting surrounding environment for your feet with style.

What We Carry:

We, at Vanguard Boots carry a variation of boots, including Harley Boots, Motorcycle Boots for men and women, Adventure Boots, Racing Boots, Touring Boots, along with accessories, such as gloves and leather biker jackets. The product quality and chic design are produced with high quality leather materials and softening pads to provide ease and elegance while riding your motorbike, with a sense of luxury.

Our Beliefs:

Alongside our passionate confidence about our best quality leather motorcycle boots regarding their manufacturing and wearing, we also believe that owning of a proper set of Vanguard motorcycle boots is crucial. Every individual that owns a motorbike should feel proud of wearing a properly designed set of motorcycle boots weather they are used for a tournament, or just for a luxury ride across town for a day.

With our policies in place for stitching every single pair of boots with love and care, we are able to create high quality motorcycle boots that look and feel great. We at Vanguard Boots are striving to create boots that will satisfy your expectations for them, and in some cases even exceeds it.